Top 20 Real Estate Companies In Dhaka, Bangladesh 2023


Finding a reliable developer to realize their aspirations of owning a building is the dream of every landowner in Bangladesh due to the buzz surrounding this industry. Jams Development Limited came to Bangladesh real estate market with the motto ” Your Prestigious Living” in an effort to shift the narrative.

Jams Development Limited has completely transformed the real estate development industry and is currently going strong.

Their objective is to construct exemplary and distinctive structures across the entirety of Bangladesh, driven by a clear vision to establish themselves as a reputable real estate developer from within and to put Bangladesh on the global real estate map. also to bury housing-related problems by providing Bangladeshis with cheap dwelling options. We do not intend to sacrifice quality in favor of cost or timeliness.


That being stated, I have compiled and curated a list of the top 20 Bangladeshi real estate developers who you might find interesting for your upcoming construction projects.

Jams Development Limited. Being one of the top 10 in the list, you can always trust them with your resources and wait to be amazed.

A real estate company is what?

A firm that focuses on the sale, purchase, or management of real estate properties is known as a real estate company. Property management, brokerage, and development are the three primary segments into which these companies are normally divided.

A system of agents is frequently used by real estate companies to assist buyers and sellers in transactions by locating appropriate properties depending on their needs. Additionally, these agents haggle over the price and make it clear that they want to close the transaction.

If you want to buy or sell a house, working with a real estate company can be a wise decision. If you want to buy or sell real estate, using real estate firms can be a wise move.

Top 20 Best Real Estate Companies in Dhaka Bangladesh, 2023

Now is the time for a little research aid that will help your homework if you want to educate yourself about purchasing a home for yourself. Here, well provide you a list of twenty Bangladeshi real estate firms that will live up to your expectations.


These businesses were picked according to their competitiveness in the local market, level of past experience, exceptional quality, improved customer service, and individualistic installation and experience. Let us look at it now.


  1. Construction Technology & Ideas

Building Technology & Ideas (BTI) is one of Bangladeshs first real estate firms. It has been in the real estate industry for more than 37 years and was founded in 1984.

We are confident that they are practicing ethical business practices given their length of time in the real estate industry and depth of knowledge.

BTI is one of REHABs founding members and one of the Bangladeshi real estate firms with ISO 9001-2015 certification for service quality.

BTI has grown its operations throughout time to include Chattogram and Dhaka, offering practical housing options to all facets of society.


  1. Jams Development Limited

JAMS DEVELOPMENTS LTD (JDL) is a Bangladeshi real estate developer company established in the year 2008. Within a short span of 8 years, JDL has developed various numbers of projects in Dhaka; ranging from residential, commercial to land development and hence earned a high level of respect & trust in Bangladesh market.

JAMS DEVELOPMENTS LTDs vision is to bring in world-class real estate concept and ideas through maintaining the highest level of Professionalism, Ethics, Quality, and Customer Service.

Their commitment is to develop a portfolio of innovative residential and commercial spaces and offer investors an unparalleled quality of service, setting high standards on design & construction and attention to detail that drives us to our success. With the collaboration between JAMS DEVELOPMENTS LTD & JAMS CONSTRUCTION LTD, both parties have their influence on each other’s expertise and experience to jointly develop residential & commercial projects ensuring high durability, functionality, safety, and security.

Quality, Commitment, Trust and Customer satisfaction are the ultimate basis to achieve the success of Jams Developments Ltd by creating Your Prestigious Living, in Bangladesh.
Ongoing projects of jams development limited:

Ongoing Projects of Jams Development Limited Address below:



Plot# 213/A. Road# 07.Block# J, Bashundhara R/A




13/A, 13/B, 13/Y, 13/Z, Road- 13 & 15, Block- G, Bashundhara R/A.




Plot# 520. Road# 06.Block# H, Bashundhara R/A



Plot 983, Ahamed Ibrahim Subhan 6th Avenue Road




PLOT-292 & 293, ROAD-Afroza Begum 4th Soroni, BLOCK-H, BASHUNDHARA R/A.



I Block, Road 03, Plot 70, Bashundhara R/A



PLOT-136A, ROAD-Sonia Subhan 5 th Soroni, BLOCK-I, BASHUNDHARA R/A.



Plot 649, Road 09, Block I, Bashundhara R/A




Sector 4, Road-8, Plot-9, Uttara-Dhaka







Plot- 146, Road- 05, Block- J, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka.



  1. The GLG Assets Ltd.

In 2016, one of Bangladeshs real estate companies with the quickest growth rates was founded.a committed REHAB member who joined RAJUK, the government organization in charge of bringing together city planners, architects, engineers, and urban administrators. This organization employs long-term building and construction professionals, some of whom have worked in this industry for more than 20 years. They have gained trust both inside and outside of borders thanks to their expertise and dedication to providing landowners with their ideal architectural developments.

  1. Navana Ltd.

Narrating Navana Real Estate Companys (NREL) illustrious past could be fun. It has been a tale of creativity, intelligence, and astounding innovation since 1996. Shafiul Islam, a male executive, founded NREL, and it has generally worked out well for the business.

When it comes to conducting varied business and innovation, Navana Realty is one of the leading companies, operating in everything from construction to power generation, aphorisms to mercantilism. Navana Realty has even been referred to as a Super Brand because of its great reputation among the leading companies in this nation.

NREL has mostly introduced stylistic changes in the field of architecture throughout the last 26 years. It is excelling and satisfying the needs of local architectural customers while utilizing professional scientific and engineering knowledge and continuous advancement.

  1. Assure Group

In 2007, Assure Group began the process of building contemporary homes for urban residents. Their primary goal is to offer city residents residences with the most cutting-edge amenities available.

Their goal is to produce superiorly designed, dependable, and more useful homes for peace.

According to Assure Group, “buy home for peace” means that they take responsibility for your peace of mind by making your dream home their responsibility.

Assure Group takes pride in offering its customers homes with top-notch amenities that make living comfortable, cutting-edge security and safety systems, and alluring subtle designs for the utmost joy of apartment life.

Assure Group establishes its own construction standards and never sacrifices quality for project completion time.

For upholding a high standard in the real estate sector, Assure Group has earned ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

  1. Basundhara Group

It all began in 1987 as a real estate enterprise called “Basundhara,” which drew attention due to Bangladeshs promising real estate market.

The company quickly climbed the ranks and is now one of Bangladeshs top ten real estate companies.

Additionally, the corporation has a history of constructing Bangladeshs most opulent and sophisticated apartments. The business has set itself apart from the competition by using high-quality building materials and cutting-edge construction methods.

The business meets the needs of construction across the entire economic spectrum. ADT has maintained its position as one of the top real estate firms in Bangladesh today.

  1. The Artisan Group

Since 1998, Artisan Group has worked in the building and construction sector. The company is made up of specialists in all facets of real estate and property, both practically and theoretically. Its previous clientele have been pleased with the quality of its work and dedication to customer care, seeing their dream constructions come true.

With a focus on residential apartments, business buildings, and bungalows, Artisan Group is currently ranked among the top 10 real estate firms in Bangladesh.

One distinguishing characteristic that has helped this business stand out from the competition is its dedication to providing real estate properties that are unparalleled.

  1. ABC Real Estate

It was created in 1988 as a division of the 1972-founded Associated Builders Corporation. Today, their portfolio is extensive and includes numerous multistory buildings, including power plants, bridges, and fertilizer factories.

Since its founding, ABC Real Estate Ltd. has upheld the standard of excellence that has inspired millions of customers to put their trust in its work. As a result, it has come to symbolize dependability and quality.

The ABC Real Estate Company is devoted to providing complete customer service and maintaining long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all of its clients. Because of this, they are very careful to ensure that all of their business practices meet the highest levels of knowledge, quality, and ethics on their end.


  1. Bangladesh Development Group

As a developing nation where reasonable costs are accepted, Bangladesh, they are well renowned for their extremely low prices. With a net worth of over $411 million, the company is able to turn a profit while continuing to provide real estate services at competitive rates.


The Bangladesh Development Groups (BDG) real estate company has prospered thanks to a long-standing heritage of developing organizational techniques that are advantageous to people. Due to their versatility in meeting a range of specific requirements and price ranges, their services are incredibly well-liked.

The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Development Real Estate Company has evolved into a three-part business enterprise with business organs specializing in outfit, development, and agricultural after more than twenty years of obstinate effort and perseverance.


  1. Amin Mohammad Group

One of the biggest real estate companies in Bangladesh is the Amin Mohammad Group. Amin Mohammad founded this organization in 1993. They ran a shaky architectural firm at the time, but in the years thereafter, their architectural leadership in numerous productions has assisted them in finding enormous success.

The company has successfully supplied about 5,000 real estate properties and home plots to suburban and down-town residents all over the locations of their valuable clientele, and the numbers are only growing.

  1. Anwar Landmark

A wide range of real estate services are offered by Anwar Landmark. It is more accurately described as a trustworthy and client-focused real estate service provider who may be contacted for development, rental, renovation, and other real estate services.

Anwar Landmark is focused on producing superior building and construction materials that may be outsourced by other real estate service providers.

The business has made a substantial contribution to Bangladeshs real estate markets overall expansion.


  1. Alliance Properties

For many years, Alliance Properties has offered practical solutions to the real estate sector of the business. It takes pride in having given Bangladeshs crowded people houses and tall skyscrapers. People are intrigued by its previous projects, which results in recurrent project grants or rehires.

Alliance Properties Ltd is one of Bangladeshs most promising businesses thanks to its knowledgeable staff and dedication to offering high-quality apartments. The business has established a reputation for providing high-quality houses at affordable prices and has been growing quickly in recent years.


  1. The Nakshi Home Ltd.

One of the first real estate developers, it offers top-notch residential and commercial developments in Dhaka City and elsewhere.

This business is renowned for its stunning and avant-garde concepts. The group of qualified architects is dedicated to offering qualified real estate services.

Nakshi Residential Home is pleased that the homeowners who have sought out our assistance with their real estate needs are happy with the results since they have positive thoughts about our companys ideology and innovative add-on line of work.

Additionally, their eco-friendly living facilities and availability of a variety of development sites are appreciated by their clients. The success of Nakshi Home Ltd. is based on their desire to be in the ideal location for our clientele.

  1. Shelter Pvt. Ltd.

It is one of Bangladeshs real estate sector pioneers. It takes pride in building buildings, shopping centers, and residential units.

REHABs founding member Shelter Pvt Ltd received an ISO certification 90001-2015 accreditation. Shelter Pvt Ltd makes a commitment based on your dream.

They have developed into a well-known company in the real estate industry, creating opulent apartment buildings in sought-after areas all around the globe. Shelter Incorporated established a reputable name for itself.

At strategic places in Dhaka, they carry out architectural and construction projects that highlight local preferences and current lifestyle trends. All of these contribute to the company Shelter Housing Ltd.s reputation and respectability.

  1. Shanta Holdings Ltd.

Shanta Holdings builds opulent apartments for Bangladeshi citizens. It began its growth path in 1988 as a manufacturer of clothing. Mirzam, Sky Garden, The Sanctum, and other of their top goods are only a few.

SHL is looking for extraordinary residential properties in addition to the conventional ranges that are now available, working under the idea that real estate is not just the production of construction structures but also relevant Art. When SHL originally started, it was acknowledged as the lone trustworthy source providing the most cutting-edge housing options.

The most cutting-edge and naturally discriminating innovations in the country are represented in their portfolios. They also hold the most competitive positions in the nations capital city thanks to their high levels of popularity in the real estate industry and their close bonds with the most attractive partners.


  1. Bay Development Ltd.

In Bangladesh, Bay Development Ltd. has been in the business for more than 20 years. The business specializes on high-end, compact luxury flats. More than 20 residential and six commercial locations have already been finished by the company.

In addition to its use of cutting-edge technology and creative strategies, Bay is pleased with its position as one of the first real estate companies to offer the new Early Design Involvement (EDI) approach.

Early Design Involvement (EDI) will allow their clients to shape the intended property to their preferences.

  1.  East-West Property Development Ltd.

To meet the needs of Dhaka city residents, it was founded in 1983. The business has completed residential constructions and is well-known in the diplomatic district of Bashundhara. Millions of people in the real estate industry have trusted the organization because of their dedication to serving people.

The groups plans for building integrated townships include housing complexes with all of the necessary infrastructure located close to the capital as well as a division of comparable projects spread out over the area of the capital city, under the Bashundhara Housing.

Since its founding, East West Property Development PLC (EVPD) has provided devoted client service and gained their trust by acting consistently ethically.

  1. The Rangs Group Ltd.

Rangs Properties Ltd. is a special platform that connects buyers and sellers to find homes in Bangladeshs friendly and secure neighborhoods. You can privately connect with possible mortgage lenders, real estate agents, brokers, and more through Rangs Properties Ltd to fulfill your dreams of buying or selling a home.

There are seven business projects and 23 residential projects in its portfolio. High-end luxury flats are Rangs Properties Ltds specialty. The business began operations in Dhaka city in 1996.

This business wants to be known as a warm, welcoming, and alluring brand that is attentive to the needs of its valued stakeholders from all spheres of life. Property Dinos aspires to be closely linked with a welcoming, stylish, and reputable business that makes it simple for anyone to enjoy its products or services.

Is Bangladeshi real estate profitable?

Profitability is the most important issue we need to address when thinking about investing. Development Works in Bangladesh have rapidly increased during the past ten years. All around the nation, new roads, highways, expressways, mass transit railroads, and other infrastructure is being built.

Massive areas are being created quickly at the same time.  This means that because it provides a great degree of freedom and can be made almost as small as you want it, unoccupied property can produce enormous sums of cash flow.

potentially after accounting for mortgage payments and other expenses, individual income and profits may potentially significantly increase depending on the location and intended use of the land. Real estate appears to be a successful industry at the moment.


In Bangladesh, how do I purchase land?

You should not just throw your hard-earned money at a new land or property without doing your research because investing in such a thing entails a big risk in Bangladesh. As a result, weve designed this section to help you learn about buying land in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, there are a few different ways to purchase land. One method is to use an agent. Another option is to work with a real estate firm. Finally, searching for land deals in Bangladesh internet is another option.

You should always establish and keep personal plans to examine the property or choose a trusted person to complete the agreement on your behalf, even if it seems unlikely that you would ever visit the property or work away from knowledgeable people or authorized businesses. Consider the following advice in advance:

All pertinent details about the property, such as the Khatiyan number, plot number, present owner, and residence, should be gathered in order to confirm the accuracy of the record(s) in dispute. Verifying the records may not be possible without these details.

It is crucial to investigate the legitimacy of the ownership documentation. To determine whether the deed is valid, you can do a search in the relevant Sub Registry Office.

To confirm that the property is correctly mortgaged, you need also review earlier records (at least for the last 10 years).

Before finalizing the deal, dont forget to make at least one independent inspection to the property.

In Bangladesh, how many real estate companies are there?

Only 5 businesses had been created in Bangladeshs real estate sector by the late 1970s, and they were all located in Dhaka, the countrys capital.

1010 members who work in the real estate industry have been registered since the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) was founded on January 12, 1991, up to the present day.

Is Bangladesh a Reliable Investment Spot?

Due to its developed domestic market, advantageous location, high profitability, population dividend, and alluring incentive programs, Bangladesh is a fantastic alternative for foreign firms.


Additionally, they are responsible for improving the economic climate in the country and setting interest rates that make it a desirable place to invest.

The nation boasts a stellar economic track record, a highly skilled and adaptable labor force, and a wide range of economically viable industries with competitive prices and minimal environmental impact.

What Do Developers of Real Estate Do?

Developers of real estate purchase land, homes, and items from flea markets with the intention of renovating or developing them. Real estate developers manage the project from start to finish, from the initial planning stage to finance and team building.

Additionally, real estate developers frequently work on building and property development projects, including homes and businesses. Besides leasing properties that have already been created, real estate developers may also own the land they are currently developing.


Is Real Estate Investing a Smart Move in 2023?

Due to its propensity for long-term price growth, real estate has evolved into a fantastic long-term investment. Since these price increases are greater than the rate of inflation, a profit must be produced.

Real estate investing is a great strategy to diversify your holdings so that, in the event of a fall in value of one item, you wont lose everything.

Old Vs. New Property: Which Is Best For Investing In?

It is surprising that, despite the pandemic, home values have managed to climb even higher. Experts have predicted that the price of land, which has increased by 22% since 2021, will continue to grow.

In Bangladesh, enormous tracts of land are being developed into upscale private estates like Bashundhara, Purbachal, Rupayan City Uttara, and many others. It is now important to support development efforts since they will eventually drive up GDP.

As a result, real estate costs are probably going to skyrocket. Real estate is a smart investment right now since it will almost certainly yield significant returns.


Questions and Answers (FAQ)

What size are homes in Bangladesh?

Over the past 20 years, Bangladeshs GDP has benefited from real estate to the tune of 8%. In Bangladesh, real estate investments made in 2016–17 accounted for almost 30% of total investments. Real estate development in Bangladesh has advanced to the point that it is once more a significant component of the economy.


Is Bangladesh a suitable place to do business in real estate?

If you attentively read the comments above, you might have a better understanding of Bangladeshs potential as a real estate market. Bangladesh is the ideal location for the real estate industry due to its unparalleled contribution to GDP, outstanding profitability, and abundant land resources.


What does “real estate development” mean?

Real estate development, usually referred to as property development, is a highly sought-after industry that deals with purchasing properties and then offering them for sale after carefully planning out their development.


What are some of Bangladesh top real estate firms?

BTI, GLG Assets Ltd, Concord Real Estate, Navana Real Estate, Rangs Properties, Bashundhara Group, Jams Group and Eastern Housing are a few of Bangladeshs top real estate firms.

What services are provided by Bangladeshs leading real estate firms?

Among the many services provided by the leading real estate firms in Bangladesh are property development, real estate marketing, property management, and real estate consulting.


How can I locate the ideal Bangladeshi real estate firm for my requirements?

You should conduct research on several organizations and compare them based on their reputations, portfolios, services, and client reviews in order to pick the best real estate company in Bangladesh for your requirements.


How can I tell if a Bangladeshi real estate company is reputable and trustworthy?

By looking for a real estate companys credentials, confirming their reputation and track record, and reading client comments and reviews, you may assess their dependability and trustworthiness in Bangladesh.


How can I learn more about the Bangladeshi real estate market?

By conducting internet research, reading industry papers and news, speaking with real estate specialists, and attending real estate events and seminars, you can learn more about the real estate market in Bangladesh.


To sum up

Living close to or within a house or apartment is the most fundamental and necessary necessity for humans. This demand has been present for many years and will always be present. People aspire to live wealthy lives, and your personal information helps you to do that.

Real estate agencies encourage their clients to fulfill this wish. If youre looking for a home or property, our ranking of the best 18 real estate agencies in Dhaka, Bangladesh, may be of assistance.

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