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The objectives of Jams Global Ltd. is to carry on the business of General Trading, Import, Export, Consultancy, Buying-Selling Agent & Supply of all Commercial permissible & Commodity items to the clients within and outside Bangladesh.

To promote or propose any type of business or indus60try with such methods, procedures and measures as may be considered desirable or beneficial. To act as consultants for all types of infrastructure projects, industrial projects, agricultural projects, rural development projects for clients in the private and government sector for undertaking design, planning, feasibilities, construction supervision or turkey undertaking of such projects.

To carry on the business of all kinds of Chemical, all kinds of Chemical Import, Export, Distributes, Supply, Marketing and to carry on the business of Raw Material, Stones, Thermos, plastics, Molding compound, Nylon chips, PVC Raisin all sorts of Man-made Fibers and yarn, Soda ash, caustic Soda and other General Merchandise. To import All kinds of Commodity Items – grain, food, fibre, rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, oats, sugar, edible oil, dal, garlic, onion, date and all kinds of Toy, Dolls & Games and supply, marketing & distribution in our country and abroad. To import all kinds Agricultural Products, Live Stock & Meat, Industrial Metal, Precious Metal therefore Medicine & cosmetic from abroad. To import all kinds of Industrial machineries, spare parts and other kinds of articles and commodities. To store related products at various warehouses and depots as considered necessary. To employ persons for carrying out the operations of the company as may be required from time to time and remunerate the persons so employed for their services.

Md. Shahadat Hossain

Md. Shahadat Hossain


Rezaul Karim

Rezaul Karim

Managing Director

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