Top 15 Real Estate Companies In Bangladesh


Top 15 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh

Are you trying to find Bangladeshi finest real estate firms. Here is a list of Bangladeshi top real estate businesses if the answer is yes. According to several criteria, we have listed the contact information for the best real estate firms. We considered their prior projects, followed by future projects, their services, etc. while compiling the list. The list of top real estate companies in Chittagong and Dhaka is included at the end of the article. Hope it will be useful to you.

You may find a list of Bangladeshi leading real estate firms here. Each real estate company details are available here. Let us look at it.

01.Jams Development Limited

JAMS DEVELOPMENTS LTD (JDL) is a Bangladeshi real estate developer company established in the year 2008. Within a short span of 8 years, JDL has developed various numbers of projects in Dhaka; ranging from residential, commercial to land development and hence earned a high level of respect & trust in Bangladesh market.

JAMS DEVELOPMENTS LTDs vision is to bring in world-class real estate concept and ideas through maintaining the highest level of Professionalism, Ethics, Quality, and Customer Service.

Their commitment is to develop a portfolio of innovative residential and commercial spaces and offer investors an unparalleled quality of service, setting high standards on design & construction and attention to detail that drives us to our success. With the collaboration between JAMS DEVELOPMENTS LTD & JAMS CONSTRUCTION LTD, both parties have their influence on each others expertise and experience to jointly develop residential & commercial projects ensuring high durability, functionality, safety, and security.

Quality, Commitment, Trust and Customer satisfaction are the ultimate basis to achieve the success of Jams Developments Ltd by creating Your Prestigious Living, in Bangladesh.
Ongoing projects of jams development limited:

Ongoing Projects of Jams Development Limited Address below:


Plot# 213/A. Road# 07.Block# J, Bashundhara R/A


13/A, 13/B, 13/Y, 13/Z, Road- 13 & 15, Block- G, Bashundhara R/A.


Plot# 520. Road# 06.Block# H, Bashundhara R/A


Plot 983, Ahamed Ibrahim Subhan 6th Avenue Road


PLOT-292 & 293, ROAD-Afroza Begum 4th Soroni, BLOCK-H, BASHUNDHARA R/A.


I Block, Road 03, Plot 70, Bashundhara R/A


PLOT-136A, ROAD-Sonia Subhan 5 th Soroni, BLOCK-I, BASHUNDHARA R/A.


Plot 649, Road 09, Block I, Bashundhara R/A


Sector 4, Road-8, Plot-9, Uttara-Dhaka




Plot- 146, Road- 05, Block- J, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka.

02.Navana Real Estate

The Navana Groups sibling company is Navana Real Estate Ltd. The company was started in 1996 by the chairman, Mr. Shafiul Islam. This business has since become one of Bangladeshi top real estate firms. With their numerous works over the past 22 years, this company has demonstrated its slogan. “Different, Dependable and Definitive” is their motto.

  1. Building Technology & Ideas Ltd

In 1984, Building Technology & Ideas Ltd., also known as BTI, began its operations. There are two of them. One is in Chittagong, and the other is in Dhaka. This business began by building apartments for residences. Following that, they also began to build commercial properties. Making homeownership enjoyable has been the companys guiding principle from the start. Due to their high level of professionalism, they are currently one of the most well-known real estate firms.

04.Amin Mohammad Group

Amin Mohammad Group, usually referred to as AMG, is a market leader in construction and development. In 1993, this business set off on its adventure. To address business-related issues, they founded two further businesses in 2000. These are Amin Mohammad Engineering Associates Limited (AMEAL) and Amin Mohammad Lands Development Limited (AMLDL).  The Amin Mohammad Group is comprised of numerous further businesses. They were employed in Coxs Bazar, Chittagong, and Dhaka.

05.Anwar Landmark

Anwar Groups sibling company is Anwar Landmark. They established Anwar Landmark Ltd. in 2001. They never skimp on the quality, design, or construction. Because of this, they have a reputation for being a reliable company for stakeholders, consumers, and staff.

06.Rangs Properties Ltd

One of Bangladeshi most exciting real estate firms is Rangs Properties Limited. The Rangs Properties succeed in their services thanks to their highly skilled engineering crew. In addition to this, their safety team cultivates employee dependability. Over the course of its 24 year journey, it has finished over 200 projects.

07.Sheltech (Pvt.) Limited

It is a reputable real estate firm in Bangladesh with its headquarters in Dhaka. This company was founded in 1988 by four innovative businesspeople, Tapan Chowdhury, Samuel Chowdhury, Kutubuddin Ahmed, and Taufiq M. Seraj. Since then, this real estate company has built residential and commercial structures with more than 3800 units all across Dhaka. The Chowdhury brothers sold their stock in 2008. Real estate development, consulting (Sheltech Holdings Ltd.), foundation engineering and construction (Sheltech Engineering Ltd.), protection and management services (Sheltech Protection Services Ltd.), stock brokerage (Sheltech Brokerage Ltd.), production of concrete poles (Sheltech Technology Ltd.), and many other fields are included in this multidisciplinary company.

08.Sanmar Properties Ltd

 One of the most well-known shopping centers is Sanmar Ocean City, created by Sanmar Properties Ltd. In Chittagong, Sanmar Properties Ltd. is a well-known brand among all social groups. Since 1999, their goal has been to combine opulent lives with high-end real estate development through beautiful architecture, effective project management, and a commitment to complete customer and employee satisfaction. They currently rank among the first real estate firms.


Emerging Markets Property Group who are the owner of UAE property portal Bayut. The Emerging Markets Property Groups sibling company is Bproperty. They are Bangladeshi sole provider of property solutions. With the promise of simplifying property search, renting, and buying, it is a real estate marketplace where customers can obtain real estate services.


One of Bangladeshi original real estate developers is Nakshi Home Ltd. Numerous projects in Dhaka, Tangail, and Coxs Bazar have been finished by it. Nakshi Home Ltd. delights their consumers via a blend of knowledge and enthusiasm. Some of their projects are Nakshi Paradise, Nakshi Talukdar Garden, and Nakshi Heaven. Nakshi Home Ltd. is a reliable option if you are seeking for dependable construction and development firms.

  1. PFI Properties Ltd

The top building firm in Bangladeshi real estate sector is PFI Properties Ltd. They have been working from the start with the goal of working closely with their clients to make their dreams a reality and to add a touch of elegance, class, and practicality to every square inch of their accommodations. They prioritize the ambitions and dreams of their clients, which is why they are currently Bangladeshi most prominent real estate company.

  1. Epic Properties Ltd.

One of Bangladeshi most valuable lifestyle developers is Epic Properties Ltd. It left Chittagong to begin its journey. “Stay in Style” is the companys motto. They uphold quality and please their customers right from the start of their journey. They fulfilled their promise to deliver a high-quality product. You can visit the Epic Properties Limited website to learn more about them.

  1. Concord Residential

The real estate company which completed this splendid project is Concord Group. One of the first conglomerates in Bangladesh is the Concord group. In 1975, it was founded. Not just in Dhaka, but they also built Chittagongs renowned Foys Lake Concord amusement park. They were the first developer firm in Bangladesh to establish a satellite township. They are always one of the top firms in Bangladeshi real estate sectors thanks to their well-known projects.

  1. EM Property Management Ltd.

One of the top construction firms in Chittagong and all of Bangladesh is Equity. Equity Property Limited was founded in 1999 to offer high-quality goods at competitive prices. Its primary location is Chittagong. It has completed approximately 100 projects since the start of its journey, and many more are currently in operation.

Jams Group