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From selling small flats to buying luxurious properties has always been at the top of the highest priorities of land proprietors. Not only the landlord but also those who live their lives in the rental apartment dreaming of their own small home, especially in Dhaka city or its surrounding areas. With the passage of time, the prices of flats in Bangladesh are constantly increasing and their dream broke nipped in the bud. recently, flats of various sizes are available all over Dhaka as per requirement. So, from now on, no hustle to search for a piece of land according to your affordability! Because, you can buy flats and plots in Dhaka at relatively low prices, especially through Jams Group. Jams Group is offering the best and most affordable flats and land for middle-class to upper-middle-class people. Now you can buy your desired flats, plots, and lands to claim your own assets. And for those who are looking to sell their properties at a better price, Jams Group is the best choice to sell your assets at a higher rate.

In Dhaka, the company has a significant contribution to the land owners, proprietors, and especially to the distribution of their property. Mr. MD Shahadat Hossain, the Managing Director of Jams Group, one of the greatest diversified businessmen in Bangladesh initiated his business as a Chairman of Jams Developments Ltd. on April 2008. He is an innovative, self-motivated, hard-working person who has instrumented his success in the field of Construction & Real estate. He is the Managing Director of Jams Construction Ltd. Mr. Shahadat is the Chairman of Jams Power Ltd. He is also the Proprietor of Jams Trading, Executive Construction, and Jams Design & Interior. The Jams Group started operation as a real estate endeavor under the guidance of the groups first concern – Jams Developments Ltd in 2008. He is the Ex-Director of the Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB). He is a member of Dhaka Chambers of Commerce & Industries (DCCI), and a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States – Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CIS-BCCI). And also, Co-Chairman of the FBCCI (Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry) Standing Committee on Real Estate and Housing. His enthusiasm, dedication & sincerity have been reflected in this organizations success. The business turned out to be a very successful one and helped foster the growth of faith and confidence of the urban people of Dhaka. Jams Group is one of the most trusted, reputed, and renowned real estate companies in Bangladesh. Our details are the digital property gateway of perception for all of Dhaka where all vendors and landlords can experience purchasers or residentiary for their properties, and for purchasers/sellers to locate their desired property practically and quickly.

Most of our properties are located in Uttara and Bashundhara Residential Areas. Thus, we have given vast opportunities to estate buyers to bulls eye, find offer their ideal flats/plots where you can grow your survey inside a separate length of a chosen area.

Jams Group frequently expands to become better and contributes intensely to achieve the most recent revolution and highlights reachable to our promoters and visitors to make their desired flat and plot purchasing and trading uncomplicated but easier and a success.

Our site is available to anybody to present their property available to be purchased, property, land deals, or any such help advertisements in Bangladesh. You may sell your property through Jams Group. Associating the ideal individuals with the correct property is our main concern. Be that as it may, with over a million online and as a person visits a month, we provide many great purchasers and proprietors.

Flats of different sizes in newly constructed are available to us at present. In particular, there is a difference in the price of apartments based on the units and facilities of different places in Dhaka. Same as our flat and land price rate varies in size and area. So, here are some of the ongoing projects nailed on the list:


Jams Mazumder Palace

  • Project Status: Ongoing
  • Nature: Fully Residential
  • Land Area: 10 katha
  • Facing: North-West Corner
  • Storied: G+9 (10 storied)
  • Apartment: 18
  • Size of Units: 2200 sft and 4400 sft
  • Parking: Available

Adept N.R Complex, Ka 5/2 (6th Floor), Bashundhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka-1229.


Jams Muztaba Mansion

  • Project Status: Ongoing
  • Nature: Full Residential
  • Land Area: 12 Katha
  • Facing: South/West/North
  • Size of Units: 2650 SFT
  • Parking: Available

Adept N.R Complex, Ka 5/2 (6th Floor), Bashundhara Road, Vatara,     Dhaka-1229.


Jams Ariana Lofts

  • Project Status: Ongoing
  • Nature: Fully Residential
  • Land Area: 10 Katha
  • Facing: North East
  • Storied: G + 9
  • Apartment: 18
  • Size of Units: 2200 Sft and 4400 sft


Adept N.R Complex, Ka 5/2 (6th Floor), Bashundhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka-1229.


Jams Shamima Garden

  • Project Status: Ongoing
  • Nature: Fully Residential
  • Land Area: 3 katha
  • Facing: South Facing
  • Storied: G+6 (7 storied)
  • Apartment: 06
  • Size of Units: 1550 sft
  • Parking: Available

Adept N.R Complex, Ka 5/2 (6th Floor), Bashundhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka-1229. 

Some of the upcoming projects are mentioned below:

Jam Sarah Garden


Jams Sarah Garden is located in 4 K.M Das Lane, Plot- 4, 4Gha, Wari, Dhaka.


Jam Chaya Neer


You will find Jams Chaya Neer in Plot – 2309, Road – 27, Block M, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka.

Jam Garden

This upcoming project called Jams Garden, which going to be situated in Block # J, Plot # 157, Road # 05 & Ahmed Idrahim Sobhan 6th Avenue, Bashundhara R/A.

And here is our completed projects lists:

Jams Saleha Garden


This is one of our newly completed projects named Jams Saleha Garden, which going to be situated in Plot-245, Road-07, Block-D, Bashundhara R/A.


Jams Reza Mansion


And this project is called James Reza Mansion, located in Plot 18i & 18j, Block -G, Road 13, Basundhara Residential Area.


Jams Sufia


James Sufia is situated in Plot: 322, Road: Afroza Gegum Road, Block: G, Bashundhara R/A.


To achieve you dream home Jams Group is offering the best options and choices for you in a reasonable price. We have extreme budget friendly projects to sell and we are open to purchase any land and property you are overturing.


For more information in details, feel free to reach us here:


+88 01732223444


Adept N.R Complex, Ka 5/2 (6th Floor), Bashundhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka-1229.

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