Description of Jams Shamima Garden


  • Project Status: Ongoing

  • Nature: Fully Residential

  • Land Area: 3 katha

  • Facing: South Facing

  • Storied: G+6 (7 storied)

  • Apartment: 06

  • Size of Units: 1550 sft

  • Parking: Available

Details About Jams Shamima Garden:

Bashundhara Residential Area is one of the safest places to live in peace, so this most beautiful residential area has been developed keeping in mind all the needs of this time of life. Below are some brief pictures of it. Hotline: 01714118202, 01714118204

      1. Organization for individual and close security
      2. Suflcient free spaces
      3. The country’s biggest shopping center here
      4. Here are modern health facilities
      5. Popular and prominent Educational institutions are situated here
      6. With a Tranquil atmosphere
      7. Easy & modern transportation near Bashundhara

Spacious entrance and driveway with security provision. Proper arrangement for control of incoming and outgoing persons, vehicles & goods etc. entrance and driveway will be covered by pavement tiles. Gardening provision at the front side of the building. Heavy secured gate as per architectural design including decorative lamp post. Building name & logos is mentioned on the Polish tiles. Security grills for securing the ground floor etc. Jams Development limited is the best real estate developer and construction company in bashundhara residential area dhaka.

The total layout is thoroughly arranged to maximize the advantage, especially in relation to the daylight from all sides and cross ventilation throughout. Privacy has been emphasized by spreading the layout from end to end. All rooms can take advantage of both the winter sunlight and cool summer breeze.

Each floor of the building will be one flat and each flat have 3 Bedrooms, Formal living, Formal dining, Family living, Kitchen, 3 Bathrooms & 3 verandas.

Elegant reception desk, Guard room, Driver’s Waiting room, Highlight Logo, Generator room, washroom, 6 (Six) numbers of car parking, Name plate for parking place allocation, Security grill & Gardening provision etc.

Each of the main bed rooms have attractive attached bathroom with 24” X 24” Mirror polish tiles on floor and aluminium glass windows making every bed room a place of comfort and relaxation.

All internal and external walls will be 5” and 10” thick solid bricks. (As per design)

All floor, Lobby and veranda will be 24” X 24” mirror polish tiles.

All door frames will be solid harden wood (Chittagong Teak/ Teak Chamble).

Solid Chittagong teak wooden decorative main entrance door with brass plate apartment number, good quality check viewer, safety lock, door bell switch will be provided.

Internal doors frame Teak Chamble veneer flash shutter with French polished. All bath room doors are water proof laminated flash doors/PVC doors.

All windows will be 4” high bottom KAI/Nikki/Equivalent aluminum frame sliding shutter with 5mm glass with rubber channel & mohair lining and MS/square bar grill with mosquito net provision. External windows have rain water protective seal.

Good quality RAK Pedestal basin and high commode & basin for all bathrooms and pan lowdown for servant’s bathroom. 12”X20” R.A.K or equivalent glazed ceramic tiles up to 7ft wall for all bathrooms. Matching floor tiles for all bathrooms. Hot and cold water provision in Master Bath. Standard size Bathroom mirror in all bathrooms. Best quality showerheads, towel rail, soap cases, tissue paper holder, glass self-stopcock, bib cock etc will be provided in all bathrooms. Essentially correct uniform floor slope towards water outlet. Exhaust fan provision in all baths.


Double burner gas point over impressively designed for all platform. One highly polish stainless steel sink with sink mixer (Brand: RAK or equivalent), 12”X20″ wall tiles up to 7′ height & 12”X12” matching floor tiles.

Protective 4 feet height with 5” thick brick parapet wall, lime concrete protected children’s area. Gardening provision & sitting arrangement etc.


Plastic paint with Berger sealer pudding on all internal walls, ceiling paint with distemper and Berger weather coat for external surface. Enamel paint on all Ms Grills. France polishes on all door shutters.


01 (One) superior high speed lift of reputed manufacturer with a capacity of 8 (Eight) passengers of the following specification: stoppage: 09 (Nine) stops, Entrance: Centre opening door, Cabin: Modern hairline finishing. Brand: Sigma or equivalent.


Best quality 12”X12” RAK/Fu-Wang Equivalent stair tiles & stair railing made of MS/SS pipe as per architectural design.


All flats will be connected with reception by Intercom connection. Underground water reservoir with two units GAZI/RFL/Sear water lifting pumps. One standby emergency Generator (euro/equiv- alent) operating in case of power failure. Emergency power for lift, water pump, staircase lights & parking. Each bedroom, Living & Dinning area 01 Light and 01 Fan. Each toilet and kitchen 01 light, each apartment 01 2-pin socket. Separate electric meter & Gas connection for each flat from single source.


Concealed electrical wiring with BRB/ Equivalent cable wires & provision for Air Condition connec- tion in 2 (two) bed rooms only. M.K/LG/Legrand electric switch, sockets and ABB/ C & S/ Legrand circuit breakers. Light shades will be provided by flat owners at their own cost. Concealed Dish connection provision for the master bed and child bed also. Combined water meter & sewerage line in ground floor.


Steel: 60/72.5 grade as per structural drawing with AKS/Rahim Steel/BSRM/RRM/KSRM or equiva- lent.

Cement: Bashundhara/ Crown /Lafarge/HoIcim/ King Brand Cement or Equivalent.

Aggregates: Stone chips for all pilling, foundation, Grade Beam and columns & bricks chips for floor slab as per design.

BRICKS: Good quality first class bricks as per design.

SAND: 2.5 FM Coarse sand & 1.5 FM medium sand as per design.


Total foundation and superstructure is designed by a team of reputed and professional structural engineers. Structural design parameters are based on BNBC and American concrete institute (ACI) & American society of testing & materials (ASTM) code. Structural analysis for design carried out by the latest computer software. Sub soil investigation and compositions are comprehensively analyzed by latest testing equipment and laboratory techniques. Protection from cyclone/wind up to 237 km/h. including earthquake factors (Richter scale 7.50).

=====  Payment Terms & Conditions  ======

Payments of installments & all other charges are to be made on due dates. The allottee must adhere to the schedule of payment to ensure fimely handing over the possession of the apartment to the allotted by the company.

    1. Delay in payments beyond the due date will make the allottee liable to pay a delay charge of 0.1% per day on the amount so delayed. If the payment is delayed for more than 60 days the event, the amount paid by the allotted will be refunded after deducting the earnest money.
    2. The company and the allottee will be required to execute the agreement to safeguard the interest of the allotted as well as the company.
    3. However it is the final discretion of the concerned financial institution. Utility connection fees/charge, security deposits & other incidental expenses relating to gas, water, sewerage & electric connecGons are not included in the price of the apartment. These payments will be made by the company directly to the authorities concerned, on the allotter’s account. The allottee will be billed proportionately at actual basis.
    4. If for some unavoidable reasons it becomes necessary to make minor changes in the specification, design or others. the company has rights to do so.
    5. The company may cancel allotment for non-payment of installment in disregard of reminders and after final intimation to allot by registerd post at the address given us in the application form.
    6. On completion & on full payment of installments & other charges & dues, the company will hand over the possession of the apartent to the alloters. otherwise the possession of the apartment will remain with the company.
    7. The allottee will pay stamp duties, VAT, any other duties/fees, documentation charges, utilities connection charge/deed commissioning charge & other miscellaneous expenses relation to RAJUK etc. likely to be incurred in connection with Deed of agreement of the flat. Only the actual amount shall be charged
    8. After taking over of the apartment of the project, the aIIottee(s) must consult the company prior to the undertaking any layout and structural changes of apartment complex. Failure to do so will be at the sole risk of the allotters.
    9. If for any reason beyond the control of the company, the implementation of the project is abandoned, the company will refund to the allotted to the earnest money & all installments deposited, within 120 days from the announcement to the effect. In this eventuality, the athlete will not be entitled to any claim for damages whatsoever.
    10. After registration of the flat, the allottee will from a welfare association to manage & maintain the project. for this purpose, each allottee shall have to deposite tk 40000/- in the common service fund.
    11. All apartments should be used for residential purpose only.
    12. Additional/extra works may be done on payment of actual cost plus 10% supervision charge.
    13. After full payment, the apartment will be registered in the name of buyer or buyer’s nominated person name.



While every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this Marketing Material, the developer cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. All statements are believed to be correct but are not to be regarded as statements or representations of fact. All information and specific tion are current at the time of going to print and are subject to change as may be required and cannot form part of an offer to contract. All plans are subject to any amendments approved by the relevant authority. Renderings and illustrations are artists’ impressions only and cannot be regarded as representation of fact. The breakdown of the unit floor area as indicated in this Marketing Material are approximate only. Unit floor areas are subject to final survey.

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