Best Real Estate Developer Company In Bashundhara Residential Area – 2023

Jams Group is one of the leading developing companies in Bangladesh. The company started operation as a real estate bid under the guidance of the group first concern- jams Developments Ltd in 2008. It designs its brand image day by day by serving not only ultramodern architectural structure plans but also meliorated interior design for its guests. As a real estate company, Jams Group noway compromises with its design and construction product quality. Our main concern always is the safety of their guests. Therefore, guests are also relatively reliant on them. Thus, we can make up a  veritably good relationship with their guests. Jams Group is a  famed developing company and it is working in the civic area like Bashundhara Residential Area. So we have created a strong brand image as well as a strong business network all over Dhaka. Customer satisfaction is the state at which the requirements are fulfilled in a way that meets their expectation of them and the after-sales services are taken care of. To determine clients satisfaction levels, Client expectations, the framework for relationships with our clients is paying attention to clients requirements, and our blueprint influences are analyzed here briefly. Then the strategies of minimizing the gap to satisfy their clients. Many scenarios of clients satisfaction with Jams Developments Ltd have been shown from time to time with our actions. We try to improve our plans to bring better change for every plan we offer in the market and satisfy our clients.

Here are 5 key points that will make your trust stronger about us, and will justify our strengths and success greatly!

Now, according to the image, that describes our key points, plans are the first point above them.


Our blueprints for every project are always unique. The concepts are clear to understand, along with the best interior designs. About Interior design, Jams Group other finest and leading sister concern is Jams Design And Interior. And that makes our design perfectly pure. We map and consistently create unique and standard drawings for our developing projects.

From plots to luxurious properties, we maintain our ethics to give our best to our clients.


Talking about locations, most of our projects are based in Bashundhara Residential Area. We have simple to posh projects in our hands to offer. You can buy apartments to plot and a large number of properties in the Bashundhara Residential Area from Jams Developments Ltd. It is one of the famous real estate companies around the urban areas such as Bashundhara Residential. Along with Bashundhara Residential Area, we have projects in Uttara, Dhanmondi, Mirpur, etc.


Each project has original papers and is situated in premium locations. So the quality is guaranteed!

A piece of land can be costly in superior places like Bashundhara Residential Area. But nothing to worry about, thanks to Jams Developments Ltd. Now dealing with real estate development become easier and budget friendly. Jams Developments Ltd offers attractive packages for its projects. From middle-class to upper-middle-class people can easily afford a dream apartment. Or can just buy a plot in Bashundhara Residential Area with the help of Jams Developments Ltd at a very affordable price.


Investing in Jams Developments Ltd is risk-free. We are highly recommended by our clients and the most trusted company in the real estate industry.  Dealing with us is always beneficial to our clients. And we guarantee our services and project are real and successful. We plan our projects with the best effort and build their dreams according to their wish with a modern touch.


Lets find out more about our ongoing and complete projects for a better view.

Jams Mazumder Palace

  • Project Status: Ongoing
  • Nature: Fully Residential
  • Land Area: 10 Katha
  • Facing: North-West Corner
  • Storied: G+9 (10 storied)
  • Apartment: 18
  • Size of Units: 2200 sft and 4400 sft
  • Parking: Available

Adept N.R Complex, Ka 5/2 (6th Floor), Bashandhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka-1229.


Jams Ariana Lofts


  • Project Status: Ongoing
  • Nature: Fully Residential
  • Land Area: 10 Katha
  • Facing: North East
  • §  Storied: G + 9
  • Apartment: 18
  • Size of Units: 2200 Sft and 4400 sft

Adept N.R Complex, Ka 5/2 (6th Floor), Bashandhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka-1229.


Jams Saleha Garden

This is one of our newly completed projects named Jams Saleha Garden, which going to be situated in Plot-245, Road-07, Block-D, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka – 1229.

Jams Reza Mansion

We named our project James Reza Mansion, located in Plot 18i & 18j, Block -G, Road 13, Basundhara Residential Area, Dhaka -1229.

Jams Paradise

Jams Paradise is located in PLOT-161, ROAD-08, BLOCK-I, BASHUNDHARA R/A in Dhaka.

There is more about our projects; we have some upcoming projects on the list.

Jams Starling Dale

Jams Starling Dales is our upcoming gorgeous project, which is going to be located in  Block-G, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka – 1229.


Jams Asma Garden



If you are looking for a peaceful apartment with a great view, we are presenting Jams Asma Garden to you. It is located in Block-K, Plot-495, Road-10, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka – 1229.

Jams Lucky Palace


Surrounding by nature and fresh cool breezy air, this is where our Jams Asma Garden is located; in Block-K, Plot-495, Road-10, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka – 1229.

Jams Garden


Jams Garden is one of the most fascinating projects from our upcoming projects. It is located in Block # J, Plot # 157, Road # 05 & Ahmed Ibrahim Sobhan 6th Avenue, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka -1229.

Jams Chaya Neer


Jams Chaya Neer is our exclusive and outstanding project and it is located in Plot – 2309, Road – 27, Block M, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka -1229.


For more information in details, feel free to reach us here:


+88 01732223444

Adept N.R Complex, Ka 5/2 (6th Floor), Bashandhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka-1229.

Jams Group