The 10 Best Real Estate Companies In Bangladesh 2023

The 10 Best Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh 2023

A fundamental human necessity is housing. The need for human shelter has existed since the beginning of humanity and continues to this day. Everyone wants to live a beautiful life, and having a nice home, duplex home, studio apartment, office, or warehouse is not just a demand; its also a dream.

Real Estate Company assists individuals in addressing these demands. One such company is a real estate company, which purchases, sells, and leases all types of real property owned by private individuals, including land and structures built on it.

In Bangladesh, the real estate industrys existing organizational structure is expanding daily. Most of them were started following Bangladeshs independence. Bangladesh is steadily growing more and more dependent on real estate firms. Ill talk about and highlight the “Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh” with you today.

The Top 10 Bangladeshi Real Estate Firms

The following is a list of the top 10 real estate firms in Bangladesh:


  1. Building Technologies and Ideas Ltd.

Building Technologies and Ideas Ltd., also known as BTI Ltd., is one of the ISO-certified businesses, according to the Real Estate Housing Association of Bangladesh. The business was established in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1984. First, they established branches in Dhaka Mirpur and subsequently Gulshan as they began their voyage. They then grow their branches in Comilla and Chittagong.

It is the oldest and most well-known real estate firm. They offer all kinds of apartment services, such as luxury, business, traditional, and standard, as well as all kinds of real estate services, such as corporate service, contractors, interior design, property rentals, etc. Each year, they successfully complete and work on dozens of projects. There are 1200 workers total. This business has won recognition internationally.


  1. Concord Real Estate Limited

Among the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh, Concord Real Estate Limited is a notable player in the industry. The company has finished 1200 projects, including bridges and airports. The companys most recent endeavor is

Asha Concord Bithi Concord Asha Concord Concord Mozammel Villa Badal Heights, Bari Monjil Concord

SM Kamaluddin serves as the Concord Groups current chairman. It is the oldest and largest real estate corporation known for its superiority, creative structure, and interior design.

The Bangladesh Shilpa Bank, the World Trade Center in Chittagong, the Hazrat Sahazalal International Airport, the National Monument, and other buildings were built by this real estate development company.


  1. NREL Navana Real Estate

Chairman Mr. Shafiul Islam founded Navana Real Estate Limited in 1996. It must continue to communicate with Navana Group. They offer a variety of characteristics. By focusing on middle-class individuals in the Dhaka and Chittagong region, they work on medium and high-level initiatives. “Different, Definitive, and Dependable” was their motto when they first set out on their mission. Navana Ornello, Navana Sun Drops, Navana Silverwood, among other NREL initiatives, are examples.


  1. The Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd.

The Amin Muhammad group was founded in Bangladeshs capital city of Dhaka in 1993, and its sister organization is known simply as AMFL. They mostly offer their services in the Dhaka, Chittagong, Coxs Bazar, and Sylhet regions, where they sell land and create apartment developments. Green Rest, Green Rowshanara Tower, Green City Regency, Evergreen Kamal, and other projects are some of their ongoing initiatives.

  1. Bashundhara Housing

Housing Bashundhara began its journey in 1987 with the motto “For the people, for the country” and the moniker Bashundhara. They have succeeded quickly and have gained a lot of expertise. They have finished a huge number of significant projects across the nation. We can use Bashundhara Shopping Mall as an example. They gained the publics trust throughout time, becoming one of Bangladeshs top real estate firms.


  1. Nakshi Homes Ltd.

NKSH HOUSES LTD. NHL is well known for its residential and commercial construction projects. NHLs president and interim managing director is Salauddin Khan Uzzal. It is a prosperous, well-known developer of real estate in Bangladesh. This companys headquarters are in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Both inside and outside of Dhaka, they were offering their services.


  1. Sheltech (Pvt) Ltd.

One of the most rapidly expanding real estate firms with an emphasis on the Dhaka region is Sheltech (Pvt.) Limited, which was founded in 1988. The overall number of employees is 3000.

Kutubuddin Ahmad, a mechanical engineer, is the interim chair of Sheltech Company. Their firm has expanded to numerous other areas. There are numerous additional projects in this firm, including Sheltech Ayyan, Sheltech Astra, and Sheltech Camellia. This business has an ISO certification.


  1. Sanmar Properties Limited

“Live in excellence” was the companys mission statement when Sanmar Properties Ltd. first began operations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sanmar Green Park and Sanmar Sky Tower are the companys two active residential developments.


  1. Rangs Properties Ltd.

Abdur Rauf Chowdary, the companys founder and current employer of over 5,000 people, established Rangs Properties Limited in 1996 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the Dhaka area, it is well known for its electronic products and services. A member of the Ranges Group, it. Miranda, KM Square, and other running products are available from them. This companys headquarters are in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  1. Jams Development Limited

JAMS DEVELOPMENTS LTD (JDL) is a Bangladeshi real estate developer company established in the year 2008. Within a short span of 8 years, JDL has developed various numbers of projects in Dhaka; ranging from residential, commercial to land development and hence earned a high level of respect & trust in Bangladesh market.

JAMS DEVELOPMENTS LTDs vision is to bring in world-class real estate concept and ideas through maintaining the highest level of Professionalism, Ethics, Quality, and Customer Service.

Our commitment is to develop a portfolio of innovative residential and commercial spaces and offer investors an unparalleled quality of service, setting high standards on design & construction and attention to detail that drives us to our success. With the collaboration between JAMS DEVELOPMENTS LTD & JAMS CONSTRUCTION LTD, both parties have their influence on each others expertise and experience to jointly develop residential & commercial projects ensuring high durability, functionality, safety, and security.

Quality, Commitment, Trust and Customer satisfaction are the ultimate basis to achieve the success of Jams Developments Ltd by creating Your Prestigious Living, in Bangladesh.
Ongoing projects of jams development limited:

Ongoing Projects of Jams Development Limited Address below:



Plot# 213/A. Road# 07.Block# J, Bashundhara R/A




13/A, 13/B, 13/Y, 13/Z, Road- 13 & 15, Block- G, Bashundhara R/A.




Plot# 520. Road# 06.Block# H, Bashundhara R/A



Plot 983, Ahamed Ibrahim Subhan 6th Avenue Road




PLOT-292 & 293, ROAD-Afroza Begum 4th Soroni, BLOCK-H, BASHUNDHARA R/A.



I Block, Road 03, Plot 70, Bashundhara R/A



PLOT-136A, ROAD-Sonia Subhan 5 th Soroni, BLOCK-I, BASHUNDHARA R/A.



Plot 649, Road 09, Block I, Bashundhara R/A




Sector 4, Road-8, Plot-9, Uttara-Dhaka







Plot- 146, Road- 05, Block- J, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka.